The 3 Best WordPress rental Plugins

the best wordpress rental plugin

If your company operates a rental business or takes reservations or appointments, an online booking system is super important. 

Adding an online booking option will :

  •  Increase your operational efficiency
  • Enhance user experience
  • Save time & money
  • Give you a competitive advantage

 From the above analytics, you are aware of the importance of a rental and booking plugin on your site, but you wonder how to choose the best wordpress rental plugin

You can use this guide as a reference to make a decision which is the most suitable plugin for your company. 

The 3 best wordpress rental plugins that i collect in tons of the  rental booking plugins in the market include:

  • BRW
  • RNB

Why do  I highly recommend these 3 plugins?

  • They include numerous awesome features for your online rental booking system.
  • Authors always keep updating new functionalities for their plugins. Especially, you don’t need to take a payment for updated versions and I think that it is beneficial for you.
  • They support 24/7 to help deal with your issues on the fly.
  • You don’t need to be a technology wizard or have experience with coding to get them up and running.

Notable Common Features Of 3 plugins

Accept Online Payment

The plugins are integrated with Woocommerce, so they accept online payment via payment gateways that Woocommerce supports such as Stripe, Paypal, Payone

Email Notifications

Email Notifications for new bookings, cancellations or confirmations are sent to email addresses for both the admins and guests.

Block Dates

This tool is used to set dates as unavailable. It is necessary for you if you have several closure time periods during a year or you wish to update some unavailable dates booked from other sources ( phone, email, in person…).

Create Orders Manually

It is useful when you receive orders from other sources ( phone, email, in person…) and you need to enter full details of bookings.

Export Your Bookings

Export your bookings to a CSV file ( for Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc…) 

Adding A Fee Or A Tax

A fee or a tax is compulsory and comes on top of accommodation/extra-services/reservation price.  

You can set a mandatory fee or a Tax with monetary value or percent-off ones

Price Rules

All of these plugins support installing general price rules: Set minimum and maximum booking days. 

The Distinct And Awesome Feature of each Plugin

1.  BRW- The perfect WordPress Rental Plugin

the best wordpress rental plugin brw

The best wordpress rental plugin

You can use the plugin for rental business ( car, boat, bike, dress, machines…), booking tours, making reservations for hotels, but it is perfect for rental business.

Various Pricing Plans

BRW supports admin to set price: 

  • By hours: Don’t limit the number of rental hours while most other plugins don’t have this pricing scheme or only can set a hourly pricing plan with orders less than 24 hours. 
  • By days: set different prices for each days of a week ( weekdays, weekend )
  • By months: Set price for each month in a year
  • The Pricing Plan is mixed between days and hours ( this is an awesome feature you are hard to find out from other plugins )
  • By time period: support you set price according to time periods during a year, holidays or season.
  • By the guest number ( price according to the number of adult passengers or the number of children ).
  • Set up the price depending on the length of rental days.
  • Set fixed price from location A to location B ( an outstanding feature compared to other plugins and fits for rental business ). 

Automated Reminder Email Notification

Besides setting automatic text and email notifications to send to you and users for new bookings, cancellation or confirmation, with BRW, you can set emails sent to guests before some days to remind them about their upcoming event.

Order Management

The Order Management feature of BRW is a powerful tool because you can manage all aspects related to orders: Order Number, Customer information, payment status, order status and specially Insurance Status, one functionality most other plugins miss.

Availability Calendar

The calendar will show available and unavailable dates of an event, so customers will easily choose the suitable dates to attend the event. Moreovers, if you set up the daily pricing plan, the calendar will show the particular price of each day.

If you set up the hourly pricing plan, the calendar will demonstrate time slots of orders booked in a certain date, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a time slot other people have booked previously.

2. HBOOK – Booking And Reservation Plugin

the best wordpress rental booking plugin

The best wordpress rental booking plugin Hbook

Hbook is a powerful and versatile plugin whose design and features are dedicated for the business of accommodation, hotels, resorts, homestays…

Various Price Plans

You can set a pricing plan according to days ( weekdays and weekends ), the number of persons, objects ( adults and children ), season ( low season and high season or summer, autumn, spring and winter ), holidays

Synchronize Your Bookings

It is an indispensable tool for you when you take reservations and appointments on numerous distinct sites to boost your sales. This feature will avoid double bookings. You can synchronize your bookings with websites such as Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO and Booing.Com 

Powerful Shortcode

Shortcodes support you to add availability calendars, table rates, and booking forms anywhere on your website in seconds.

Accept Payment Online And Offline

The plugin lets customers choose the way they pay: customers can select different payment method – online ( with credit card or Paypal ), offline ( bank transfer, on arrival).

Issue Invoices

You can generate invoices that can be printed out directly from the reservation list.

Automatic Pricing Update

The plugin helps you to recalculate the price if a guest likes to upgrade, to stay longer or to add guests. 

3. RNB – The Most Awesome Rental And Booking Plugin

the best wordpress rental plugin

The best wordpress rental plugin RNB

This plugin fits for all business related to making reservations and appointments, but it is the best for rental business and making appointments.

Various Pricing Plans

  • Hourly pricing scheme: Support the hourly pricing system if you want to book less than 1 day.
  • Daily pricing plan: Allow you to set different price for each day of a week
  • Monthly pricing plan: Let you set different price for each month of a year
  • Day ranges pricing scheme: Allow you to set unlimited day ranges pricing plan ( Min days and Max days )
  • Pricing Plan according to the length of rental days.

Request For A Quotes

This feature allows you to communicate with customers and negotiate price on their bookings with a simple procedure of 6 steps

  • Step 1: A client asks for a quote.
  • Step 2: The admin receives and responds
  • Step 3: Negotiation between the admin and the customer via message
  • Step 4: The admin confirms and sets the final price
  • Step 5: The client accepts and makes a booking
  • Step 6: Confirmation between the admin and the customer via email.

Appointment Booking Demo

The Appointment Booking Demo is suitable for making appointments and reservation with doctors, trainers of fitness centrers, specialist of beauty salons.  The Demo shows list of doctors, trainers, beauty specialists… for clients to pick up, a booking calendar to support them in making appointments and time installed according  to time steps ( 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes …)

In conclusion, If you are running a rental busines – hotels, resorts, homestays, health services, spa, restaurant… , getting a rental and booking plugin up is the top priority as if you’re not allowing online booking, you are leaving money on the table.   

I’m confident that the 3 best wordpress rental plugins I have mentioned above are the perfect options for your site that meet all requirements for an online booking system.



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