How To Create A Rental & Booking Website

how to create a rental booking website

As you know, most people prefer to make a booking and reservation or rent a product online, so building a strong online presence is a must if you want to lure a wider audience. This article will show you how to create a rental booking website simply and easily as well as mitigate the cost and optimize users’ experience

Purchase A Built-in Rental  Booking Theme

Firstly, you don’t need to hire a development firm to design a high-quality website. The unique thing you have to do is to find a rental booking theme suitable for your needs because a theme will supply the same service as a development firm while it helps you to save tons of time and money.

In this article, I will recommend Ireca Rental Booking Theme. Ireca fits all kinds of business related to rental, making a reservation and booking, but it is the best for renting cars, boats, motorbikes and all types of vehicles. It comes with a wide range of needed features for rental and booking and it is crafted with Revolution Slider Plugin, Elementors, WPML.

rental booking wordpress theme

Ireca rental booking wordpress theme

Key Features Of Ireca Rental Booking Template

Various Homepage

Ireca offers 9 sleek homepages with different styles including Home Car, Home Motorbike, Home Boat, Home Landingpage, Home Map, Home Search, Home Video, Archives.

All the homepages have streamlined and visual layouts, and regardless of your taste, you can find something that matches your version in the set of 9 ready-made homepages of Ireca. All 9 stunning premade demos are ready to fuel your success.

Vehicle Management System By ID

Vehicle ID will be set according to car number plate, so when a customer books a car, he can know exactly the number plate of the car he rents .

Different Pricing Plans

  • Usual Price
  • Set price for special time periods, ex: holidays, new year
  • Set price depending on rental duration
  • Set the fixed price based on locations: price from location A to location

Insurance Management

This functionality allows the admin to set an amount of insurance per car. This amount is charged on orders and will be returned for clients after they finish their trip.

Deposit Management

Deposit field is the value you expect to take from a client before booking is confirmed. Therefore, with this Deposit Management, you can force clients to pay in advance an amount of money. Besides, you can set 2 options for visitors: full payment or partial payment

Prepared Time

This is the crucial time period for owners to get cars ready before greeting new customers.

Booking Form With Customizable fields

You can add unlimited extra fields suitable for your purpose. We offer 2 booking form: A quick booking form in the homepage and a detailed booking form in the booking page.

rental booking wordpress theme

2 awesome Booking Forms


The Map will showcase available cars in a particular place, so this feature helps customers to be easier in looking for cars in a place they wish

Create The Online Store with WooCommerce

Thanks to this feature, you can show the list of items for sale to boost your revenues. You can control the sale of anything, anywhere, simple and very flexible to extend.

Advanced Search Form

Various advanced customizable search options ( ex: pick-up location, drop-off location,pick-up date, drop-off date, category, type, manufacture, stearing, gearbox, auto park ) let customers find what they are looking for

rental booking wordpress theme

Advanced Search Tool Of Ireca Rental Booking WordPress Theme

Purchase A Rental Booking Plugin

If you don’t like the design style of any rental booking template in the market, you can build your own website with the combination of a rental booking plugin and a template of  any kinds you want.

In this article, I will recommend BRW rental booking plugin that is considered as a guide for you to choose. The plugin are also enhance the power by free premium plugins: Woocommerce, Elementor Page Builder, WPML

rental booking wordpress plugin

A Set of 4 Ready-To-Use Demos

Key Features Of BRW Rental Booking Plugin

Different Types Of Prices

  • Set price based on days
  • Set price based on hours
  • Mixed Price between days and hours
  • Price according to the time period: set higher price to charge customers during season or during a special-event period
  • Price is calculated by rental duration: set different prices for long-term rental ( like 7 days or 30 days )
  • Set fixed price according to locations ( from location A to location B )
rental booking wordpress plugin

Various Pricing Plans of BRW Rental Booking WordPress Plugin

Flexible Booking Rules

The plugin allows to set the minimum/maximum number of days guests can stay, available check-in and check-out dates, disable booking option for all products/services or any one individually for a certain period of time

Automated Email Notifications

You can easily set automatic text and email notifications to send to users for new bookings, confirmations, and cancellation. Especially, your customers can receive an automatic reminder notification before X days when their rental date is coming. All content of message can be changed with an ease in options.

Instant Booking Or Owner Approval

There are options for you to choose: Booking requests will be automatically confirmed without admin approval or all Booking requests will have to manually reviewed by the admin ( approve or reject any request )

Payment Options

The plugin supports both options: allow customers to pay in advance a deposit amount or pay the full price. Letting users pay only a percentage of price or fixed amount to guarantee their bookings is a creative way to boost your sales. 

Tax and Fees

Enable the admin to add mandatory Fees and Taxes ( set the level of taxation of your country ). The guests will be able to see the summary of charges befores making a booking.

Booking Management

All booking will be stored and changeable. Thanks to booking list, the admin will know several personal info of clients, status of payment ( partial / full payment ), status of insurance ( received/returned ), status of order ( completed/pending/canceled)

Besides, this functionality allows you to edit orders and create order manually when your customers maka a reservation via phone or email.

wordpress rental booking plugin

Order Management

Don’t hesitate to explore notable features of Ireca rental booking theme and BRW rental booking plugin and dive into the flexibility of elementor page builder to make your own site.


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