The 5 Best Event WordPress Themes

the best wordpress theme

You are a professional event organiser and you expect to promote your events and conferences to the wider audience? 

Beside creating smart marketing strategies through social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you need to own an attractive event website to engage your guests because Website is the most useful tool with the top-notch functionalities to help you to showcase all your differences compared to competitors, and support you managing all data. 

However, to find a suitable website is a big challenge, it requires you tons of time. Therefore, in this topic, I will share with you a collection of the best wordpress themes for optimizing customers’ experiences and give you a competitive advantage. You can use this guide as a reference.

1. Meup – Listing Directory Marketplace Event WordPress Theme

the best wordpress theme

Meup – Listing Directory Marketplace Event WordPress Theme

I’m sure that with this theme I don’t need to say too much since when you watch its Demo and explore its awesome functionalities, you will realise that it is one of the most unique themes on the market that you can’t miss.  It will support setting up a fantastic event site easily that makes you stand out from the crowd.

The theme comes with a range of needed features to build any type of events:

  • Support both virtual events and physical events  
  • Event calendar: Shows number of available, booked and pending dates
  • Online booking form
  • Accept online payment
  • Order management system: Manage orders through customers’ personal information, order status, payment status, insurance status
  • Advanced Search Tool
  • Check-in Functionality: Support process of registration by checking in directly on the site or through check-in app of Meup

Especially, if you want to monetize by allowing organisers to submit their event on your site, you can implement this with vendor functionality of Meup. Vendors will purchase a ready-made package to get permission from the admin for posting their events.

Vendor Functionality consists of:

  • User Dashboard
  • Event Setting
  • Ticket Setting
  • Profile Setting
  • Tracking Sales
  • Listing Management System
the best wordpress theme

Vendor Functionality of Meup

If you want to create a listing directory marketplace event site, Meup WordPress Theme is the top choice for you.

2. EM4U – Multiple Event WordPress Theme

the best wordpress theme

M4U – Multiple Event WordPress Theme

The theme offers a set of ready-made 12 predefined Demos, 10 event archive styles to fit all types of events, conferences, concerts, sport programs and all business related to events. With its notable functionalities, the theme is featured as one of top WordPress themes available today. 

It owns standing out features including:

  • Event Calendar: for all events, upcoming events, past events, featured events, category events
  • Speaker List: with 4 different styles
  •  Creating Online Shop : sell everything with Woocommerce that is flexible enough to extend
  • Accept Payment Both Online and Offline
  • Ticket Management System: by providing QR code to verify and update ticket status
  • Sponsor Manager: allows create unlimited sponsors with various levels ( gold sponsors, silver sponsors… ) and manage sponsor list
  • Attendee Export System: help you export attendee information for each event by CSV file
  • Setting Up various tickets: free, paid, woo, external with different payment gateways; extra information feature: event platform enable to display extra information at the sidebar ( an image, a short introduction … )
  • Hierarchical Categorise Tree: allows you to manage event categories in a simple and visual way

3. Lifevent – Multiple Event WordPress Theme

the best wordpress theme

Lifevent – Multiple Event WordPress Theme

The theme meets all requirements for a professional event site where you can add everything that attendees will need.

It comes with all crucial features for an event site:

  • 3 predefined homepages: for you to choose
  • Unlimited footer layouts and unlimited header layouts: ( header and footer builder with elementor )
  • The Schedule Page: Is displayed visually and professionally with 2 different styles, so customers can be easy to follow the schedule of events
  • Speaker pages: where visitors can know information about speakers
  • Create a digital store with Woocommerce: Thanks to Woocommerce Plugin, you will control the sale of everything, everywhere, simple and very flexible to extend.

4. Aleb – Event Landing Page WordPress Theme

the best wordpress theme

Alab – Event Landing Page WordPress Theme

The Alab Event landing page brings customers convenience when they use it. This means that they don’t need to click on different pages to know essential information they want because all information showcases on a page.

Alab is equipped to handle all types of events and functions with excellent customizability and featured availability: 

  • Page Builders: Easy to use
  • Support Free Registration Form and Support Payment Via EventBride
  • Countdown Timer: Is designed to count down to a particular event
  • Registration Management System: Create a registration form with custom fields
  • Speaker List
  • Event Schedule Features: Helps customers follow events easily and quickly
  • Export Event Registration to CSV File
  • Compatible With Woocommerce 

5. Mitup – Event Onepage WordPress Theme

the best wordpress theme

Mitup – Event OnepageWordPress Theme

Mitup is a simple, modern and responsive WordPress Landing Theme that is tailored for any events, conferences, concerts and exhibitions. The theme has a sleek design, so you can completely create an attractive site to lure your guests. 

  • 2 Booking Form Type: Booking Form with payment via Paypal and Free Booking Form
  • Support Payment Through Eventbrite
  • Countdown Timer
  • Automatic Confirmation Notification: Customers will receive automatic email after they book events
  • Registration Management System: where the admin can control orders with fields such as personal information of customers, number of tickets,  money amount and order status;
  • Support Multiple Pages
  • Create Unlimited Sponsors: with different levels ( gold, silver, Brass ….)
  • Testimonial

If you want to find a way to highlight the most important features on the homepage of your site and promote events, explore right now demos of 5 Best Event WordPess Themes we mentioned. They are standing out themes with catching-eye designs and stunning functionalities.



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