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BRW WordPress Booking Plugin – comprehensive booking and rental solutions for your web. Our WP Booking Plugin is based on the power of Woocommerce, so it is super easy to install and  customize. It is the perfect WordPress Booking Plugin that meets your requirements in setting up and managing your booking and rental service.It fits for those who offer rental and booking. It helps you save time and money in Managing Orders that in the past, you have to spent numerous resources to complete.

Supplies 3 unique Demos

All Demos will show

 – Price: Can be set up by hour, day, time period depending on owners’ preference.
– Attributes and Services
– A calendar: Statuses are displayed right in the booking calendar ( available and unavailable ) . This will help customers to find suitable schedule for them quickly. This is an outstanding feature that you are difficult to find in the other WordPress Booking Plugins.
– Booking form

Hotel Booking Demo

It is a suggestion for hotel owners in creating a booking form.

Watch Demo

wordpress booking plugin

Hotel Demo Of WordPress Booking Plugin BRW

Tour Booking Demo

It is applicable for travel agencies and companies who sell tours for customers.

Watch Demo

wordpress booking plugin

Tour Demo Of WordPress Booking Plugin

 Vehicle Rental and Booking Demo

It is suitable for Vehicle rental such as Car, Bike, Motorbike, Boat

Watch Demo

wordpress booking plugin

Vehicle Demo Of WordPress Booking Plugin BRW

Price Caculation


You can create pricing plan according time and location

Pricing plan according time

Our  WP Booking Plugin supports 4 types of pricing plan according to time, including:

1. Pricing Plan by hours

Most plugins only supports Pricing Plan by hour when a product or service must be rented or booked less than 24 hours. However, with our
WordPress booking plugin, we support this pricing plan without limiting the number of hours booked. 

car rental plugin

Pricing Plan By Hours

2. Pricing Plan by days

Compared to the other booking and rental plugins that only support daily Pricing Plan in a week, our Pricing Plan by day satisfy all your needs. You will evidently recognize the difference in our analysis below: 

Define 1 day: Day, Hotel, Hour (This is way to calculate rental time) 

For example: If a customer rents from 10:00 Am, 20 jan 2020 to 11:00 Am, 22 jan 2020 – 

– If “defining 1 day” is Day => Rental Time Period: 3 days ( Even if rental time period from 10:00 Am, 20 jan 2020 to 09:00 Am, 22 jan 2020 – => Rental time Period is still 3 days ) 

– If “defining 1 day” is Hotel => Rental Time Period: 2 days 

– If “defining 1 day” is Hour => Rental Time Period: 3 days. ( However, If rental time period from 10:00 Am, 20 jan 2020 to 09:00 Am, 22 jan 2020 – => Rental time period: 2 days ).

3. Mixed Pricing Plan

With this feature, our Pricing Plan will be combination of Pricing Plan by day and Pricing Plan by hour. 

For example: If a customer rents from 10:00 Am, 20 jan 2020 to 11:00 Am, 22 jan 2020 – => Rental Time Period is 2 days and 1 hour. The price will be the combination of the price for 2 days and price for 1 hour. 

4. Pricing Plan By Time Period

This Worpress Booking Plugin enable you to set up unlimited hours and days range pricing plan while numerous WP Booking Plugin only supports to install days range pricing plan. You can use this pricing plan to setup price by seasons or holidays.

Pricing plan according location 


You will setup a fixed price for distance from a certain locaction to other particular location. These locations are usally places where the big number of customer require to  pick-up or drop-off

Besides, the plugin also supports to setup pricing schemes according the length of rental days, the guest number.

Deposit Management

When creating products,  our
WordPress booking plugin allows you to setup  a deposit amount which customers have to pay in advance.

When you visit “ Manage Order”, you will know Deposit Status of Order displayed with 2 status: “ FULL PAYMENT” and “ PARTIAL PAYMENT”.Based on this feature, you will manage Deposit without a lot of effort. 

Insurance Management

In the past, Managing Insurance requires a lot of efforts, but with our
WP Booking Plugin, this task becomes easy and rapid. When you go to “Manage Order” feature, you see an order which shows that you received insurance amount from customers or you paid it for customers.


Powerful Search Functionality

Customers can search for desired products and services that meet their requirements in several clicks with various different Search Fields regardless of devices they use.

wordpress booking plugin

Search Functionality of WordPress Booking Plugin BRW

Search for:

  1. Pick up Date
  2. Drop-off Date
  3. Pick up Location
  4. Drop-off Location
  5. Category
  6. Tag
  7. Attributes
  8. Custom Taxonomy
  9. Product Name
  10. Brand

The other outstanding features


  • Allow to add unlimited product attributes
  • Setup Discount depending on rental period
  • Setup price for extra services
  • Manage inventory
  • Setup price for location A to location B
  • Automatic Email Notifications

our WordPress booking plugin will be an indispensiable tool in your site to support you to create booking form and manage your orders effectively without any technical knowledge.

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  • Published: 06 March 2020
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