The Best Way To Sell Tickets Online

Event organisers have many responsibilities such as: Building an interesting scenario for an event, organizing events and selling tickets. However, selling tickets are lifeblood of all strategies. Without them, all the other tasks can feel wasted. Whether it is a concert, party, business conference.., Selling tickets are the best way for you to potentially make a profit. Therefore, today, organisers learn more about how to master online ticket sales.

In this article, i will guide you about how to sell tickets online efficiently. You can follow step by step in our guide.

Step 1: Creating an event website.

Designing an event website is a basic step but it is the most important step for promoting your online tickets. You can make an event website with your own website developer. But unfortunatelly, it takes tons of time for you to do that while you can easily create your own event site with our perfect event theme – MeUp

Thanks to our outstanding event template – Meup, you are able to make your own event website without requiring any special knowledge, which save your time and money.

Event Template – Meup

Step 2: How to introduce your event to attract buyers.

  •  Add your event description: who you are, which event you hold, where your event takes place, when the event starts, and why customers should participate your event.
  • Add pictures and videos of your event to get people excited about your event.

    Our event template-Meup will support you to do that with some simple manipulations. Your event will appear with eye-catching look before your customers.


Step 3: Select the way you want to get paid.

Fortunately, our event theme-Meup use all payment gateways of Woocommerce such as: Paypal, Stringe, Payoneer…, so attendees can pay money for their tickets via these payment gateways, and payment process will be implemented just with some clicks.

Payment gateways of Woocommerce

Step 4: Promote your event


One of the best ways to attract potential buyers to purchase your tickets online is coupon with discount code. Understand that, Our event theme-Meup designs “Coupon” feature to help you to set up a coupon for your event and show it in an ideal place on the event site to appeal to customers’ attention.

Step 5: Track your sales

You do not need a papersheet to update sales or add the number of tickets selling in a day with an excel sheet. You comepletely check your sales quickly and accurately with “Report Sales” functionality in our event them-Meup 

With “Report Sale” functionality, you will track your sales according to different period of time conviniently and rapidly. This will help you give marketing strategies in a timely manner relatede to different phases of selling tickets based on our “Report Sale” functionality in our event theme.

Report Sale Functionality of event theme-Meup

Step 6: Check in attendees


The check-ins functionality of our MeUp event theme is a perfect tool for organisers to elimate pressure of event registration process. With Our check-in functionality, you can check in directly on the website or using our Check-in app.

Thanks to our check-in functionality of our event theme-Meup, customers do not have to spend hours waiting in line for event registration. This encourages attendes to sign up your upcoming events.


With aid of our event wordpress template-Meup, Selling your tickets online becomes easier and more convenient. Futhermore, you will reach a larger number of audiences and make a greater profit.


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