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Car rentals is complex. Beside building a booking form, you need to supply customers with an inventory of available cars. If you want to create a car rental website on your own, it will require a lot of effort. 

Therefore, our car rental plugin BRW is a truly comprehensive solution for you to add a car rental system for your website. 

BRW is a full fledged wp car rental plugin which is the best for any kind of vehicle rentals- cars, bikes, motorbikes, boats… and anything you want to rent- tents, dresses, machines, cameras… The rental plugin is also applicable for Taxi services because of features of pick off and drop off present in the plugin. 

This car rental plugin helps you not only create a booking form for customers to rent your cars but also manage your rental business. 

Car Rental Page Demo


When you visit the live Demo of our car rental plugin, you will see:

– A rental form with: pickup date and drop off date, pickup and drop off location, the number of adults, the number of children… The form is entirely customizable, so you can add whatever you need.
– A gallery to display the most attractive images of cars.
– Discount and pricing schemes.
– Product Attributes: Add unlimited attributes.
– 2 different payment options: Deposit and full payment.
– Extra services: Add unlimited services
– A calendar: helps customers to know available and unavailable time of a car, price by days and orders in a certain day.

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Car Rental Page Demo BRW

Multiple Items Per Rental


With power of Woo commerce, clients can rent one or multiple items per order.

If you are a bike or scooter rental company, customers often rent multiple items in once check out since people usually rent bikes or scooters in groups. Our wp car rental plugin supports both.

Hourly Rental Option


As you know, a car rental is more complicable than a hotel rental because there are numerous people renting out a car at the same day. Therefore, the plugin offers hourly rental option to maximize earning potential of each car. 

car rental plugin

Pricing Plan By Hours

Besides, A crucial pricing plan for renting cars is to set price by locations. You can set a fixed price from location A to location B. Moreovers, the plugin allows you setup price by days, mix ( days and hours ), time period, season, the guest number and length of rental days

You can see in details about pricing plans of BRW here

The rental plugin lets you edit multiple pricing plans on the fly. 

Request For A Booking


Visitors create a request for booking, the admin will receive that request. The admin can make a phone  or send an email to visitors to confirm the booking.

Accept Payments


You can use payment gateways integrations of Woo commerce to accept online payment such as Stripe, Paypal and Payoneer

Let you set prepaid amount percentage, require partial payment or full payment.

Admin can set fees and tax in the backend

Email Notification


When customers make a booking, an  Email will automatically send to them about bookings and confirmation. When customers make a cancellation, there is a cancellation email being sent for them.

X days before pickup dates, customers will receive a reminder email. With our car rental plugin, admin can only need to set text once and the text will be sent automatically. Therefore, admin don’t have to spend time to send a long email list manually. 

car rental plugin

Automatic Email Notification

Prepared Time


On the car rental business, prepared time is an important factor. It is time duration between two leases  when you need to get a car ready before greeting guests. You can use this time duration to check your cars and repair damage if necessary to ensure the safety for clients.

 Order Reports


Summaries of Rental Orders and Daily bookings will help you  grasp business tendency. You will know high and low season, the best and the worst selling product.
Thanks to these reports, you will control the best your rental business to maximize profits and minimize loss.

Vehicle Management


Cars will be managed by ID ( often license plates ), so they are unique. You will enter ID manually in “add vehicles”. Thanks to this functionality in our car rental plugin, you will know clearly inventory status.

In coclusion, Your car rental company will develop a new height with our car rental plugin because it includes necessary functionalities for your business.

Don’t hesitate to explore  our BRW Demo right now

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