Meup Event template enhance power with vendor feature

As our inroduction about Meup Event Template, it is  not only an event theme but also a listing directory marketplace events WordPress Theme which will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. Thanks to unique vendor feature, Meup become a perfect listing directory marketplace events WordPress Theme. In this article, i will throw light on stunning funtions of vendor feature
Before submiting events, vendors have to choose a particular package. Each package will include price, expery date, number of events submited, fee for per paid ticket, …
After completing picking up the package, vendors are supported create, manage and promote their events with vendor feature.


Vendors will set up:
Basic information: Event Name, Category of event, Price, Space, Tags , Description…

Tickets with 3 types: No seat, Simple Seat, Map
Vendor will add information about price, total number of tickets, minimum number of tickets, maximum number of tickets, the start date of ticket sales, the closing date of ticket sales and logo of tickets . Vendors can opt for unlimited colors of border, label of tickets.

With No Seat ( Online Event ), beside crucial information of tickets, vendors need to add link, password, which customers will receive on their email after finishing payment, to joint their virtual events.
With Simple Seat, vendors wil set up Seat Code List for their events.

With Map, vendors will add Map shode Code to make a Map of seats in their event so that customers easily select suitable seats with them.
Calendar with 2 options: Manual and Recurring
In the Manual option: Vendors will add Start date, end date and time of their event.
In the Rerurring option: Supliers will input Time of events, repeated event period of time, recurrences span and disable date. This feature will help vendors save of time for setting up Recurring events.

Setting coupon acts as an encouragement customers to buy tickets of vendors.
Suppliers can add amount of discount, start date and end date and quantity of tickets are discounted.

2. Build profile of suppliers

– Set up some personal information: Name, email, job, phone, address
– Add social networking sites of vendors such as Facebook, Intergram, Twitter to help customers easily interact with contributors.
– Add Vendors’ bank account information so that customers conviniently pay for tickets,

3. Manage Events

This feature provides vendors some important information including Sales, Profit, Number of Bookings, Number of tickets and sales reports according to certain period of time such as year, month, week…

Outstanding Vendor Feature which are compatable in our Meup listing directory marketplace events WordPress Theme will be a effective tool for vendors to create, manage and sell tickets of their events on their website.


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