5 tips to create an engaging car rental website

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Creating a perfect car rental website is  one of the sucessful keys for car rental owners. Keeping your customers staying on the site and decide to make a booking or leaving your page depends on your  car rental website.
Therefore, the article shares to how to build up a fascinating car rental site.

1. Provide all detailed information about your cars

When the guests visit your websites, their first interest is your rental cars, so you have to display necessary product information to help guests choose their most suitable car.
As our car rental theme IREKA, the PRODUCT FEATURE  allows you to show various information of cars, and you can add information without limit  such as: brand, car year,fuel, gearbox, fuel usage, max passengers, engine capacity, max luggage, doors, mileage…

2. Extra service is a must

Beside your perfect rental cars, additional services are critical. They will make your business become different with competitors, and you can boost revenue with them. Moreover, our clients will fell convinient with the extra services.

Due to importance of additional  services, we created EXTRA SERVICE FEATURE in our car rental theme IREKA to assist you on setting up extra services without limit like: baby seat, additional drivers, car seat for children, navigation, unlimited kilometres…

3. Set up distinct prices to make more choices for visitors

The price is also the top priority of clients when renting a car. Installing various prices will help your customers select the most profitable option for them.

I will analyse PRICE FEATURE in car rental template IREKA to give you a deepest insight into this issue. Thank to PRICE FEATURE of car rental theme IREKA, you can set up regular prices, prices for special days and discount
With regular prices
+ Day Rental Type: Guests can rent any days and any time but the price is charged by day. Define 1 day is 24 hours. You can set up min rental day. If a guest rent your car during 25 hours, the system will charge the price of 2 days.
+ Hour rental type: Guests can hire any hours but the price is charged by hour. Define 1 hour is 60 minutes. You can set up min rental hour. If a guest rent a car during 1 hours and 15 minutes, he has to pay money for 2 hours.
+ Mixed ( Day and Hour ) Rental Type: Guests can rent any days and any hours. If a guest rent your car during 25 hours, the system will charge cost of 1 day and 1 hour.
+ Period Time rental Type: You can define fixed Rental Day / hour lie 05:00 Am – 10:00 Am, 1 day, 2 days, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year…

4. Searching form, booking form and reservation  form are indispensable.

Thank to SEARCHING FORM, visitors will don’t take much time to find their favorite car. Due to stunning benefit of Searching form, we created “ sperate Home Search “ in our car rental theme IREKA.

After customers are interested in car rental services, instead of contacting on person, by mail and by telephone, they can choose the best way to make a booking in your website with  BOOKING FORM.
you should refer to our booking form which we designed.

If your guests want to reserve to keep your favorite car, it is extremely easy because they only fill in RESERVATION FORM. You should design a simple RESERVATION FORM so that your clients don’t take too much time with it.

car rental wordpress theme - booking search form

5. Attractive videos and quality pictures.

Engaging videos will gain the first impression of guests visiting your car rental website and quality photos will keep them stay longer.
Therefore, in our car rental theme IREKA, we have a “Home Video” to upload Engaging videos to attract customers’ attention.


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