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Must – have features of event site

Nowaday, events and Conferences is becoming more and more popular and this arises demand on designing a perfect event site. If you are an event organizers and really like an awesome event site, you must create a few of essential features in your web. I will analyze visually these features base on imevent- event and conference template

Quick view
When the customers visit to the event site, “quick view” should be one of things that is showed the header. In “quick view” of imevent theme, the visitors will know about which event upcoming, date, location, remaining tickets and amount of speakers in that event rapidly and simply

Count down
This is the important feature in your site that is often displayed with “quick view”. with count down event, users will see the closest event ready to beginning.

To the customers is easy and convenient to have a seat in your events and conferences, Imevent have created register forms. the participants only take a couple of minutes to fill their few details and they keep in hand the tickets to attend the event

This is probably the number one request and the most important information that a lot of users seek and it is affect deeply to their purchase decisions. Therefore, you aren’t able to overlook it in your event site. However, there is a notice to you, the customers always want to see positive and negative reviews. They will not trust you if your testimonials include too many positive reviews.

Social media links
As you know, many of people visit to your site after surfing through social media sites like googleplus, facebook, twiter, youtube…With Social media links, they bring the excellent chances for promtion.

Schedule is the key of any event site and it is the number one care of attendees. In the “schedule field” of imevent theme, you can set up time text and author’s information.

where you may share your news of events and company, the knowledge and experience of speakers. Thanks to blogs, you will build the close relationship to your customers.

Wrap up
Hoping to base on my visual analysic about “MUST- HAVE FEATURES OF EVENT SITE”, you will design an awesome site and attract your customers.
This is my personal opinion. If you have other thought, please feel free to leave a comment below and tell us know what you think.

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